Taking Care of your Clothes

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Fashion is a statement for us ladies. Once we heard that there is a SALE, we will hoard everything even sometime we don’t really need it. But since it’s on sale, you will still buy it and just keep it inside your closet. We can also consider clothes as your investment, since you will be using it for work or business to look presentable.

But do you really know how to properly take care of your clothes? Do you have any idea what is the correct way in keeping your clothes? Here are some healthy tips that you can use to take care of your clothes and closet.

Proper ways of washing your clothes

Every time that you buy a new (clothes), always check on the label. This is to know on what is the proper way of washing these clothes. Every type of cloth has different ways of washing to avoid ripping off. Also, washing doesn’t only cleanse the item, it also fades color and worst remove structure of the clothes. Don’t over wash your clothes, items worn carefully and lightly can often be made fresh again by simply airing them out.

Here is the sample image of the label:

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Organize your Laundry

In doing laundry, make sure to always organize your clothes. Separate them by using baskets, colored shirts, white shirts, denim pants, while for bed sheets, pillow cases and towels can be all together. Not only lights with lights and darks with darks, but cool dry with cool dry and gentle rinse cycle with gentle rinse cycle items. The more attention you pay, the longer your clothes will stay looking like new. And also, if your clothes are organized, it is easier for you to wash it and finish early.

Purpose of Mesh Bag

This is being use for delicate type of cloth or other garments. Because, there are types of garments are easily being worn out if they are mix with other types of clothes. It serves as their protection from the other clothes. They’re made from a porous mesh material that allows water and soap suds to pass through it while providing a barrier to other articles. You place your items inside, secure them with the attached closure device, then place the bag into the washer. Also, mesh bag have 3 different types, and those are the zipper, rubber and lastly, net clip.

Undies and Bras

Different kinds of underwear require different kinds of washing cycles, but here is a general outline of steps to follow, regardless of your underwear’s fabric. Always read the garment tag care all the time, there is the indicator how your underwear should be washed. If there are any stains, used your preferred liquid laundry detergent and rub it into the stained fabric. Don’t wait until laundry day to treat a stain, as it may be too late to remove heavy stains. Do not wring or twist your underwear, as this can stretch or misshape it. Instead, squeeze any excess water out.

Fold padded bras in half with the straps tucked under the cups. This helps them keep their shape and never use dryers because it seriously damage the structure and shape.

Don’t used DRYER too much!

It is really convenient to use a dryer because it dries your clothes easily. But without us knowing, it is damaging our clothes by rapidly wearing them down. Air drying of your clothes will not last for a month, so why not take advantage on that? You are doing a favor to yourself by helping your electricity bill to go down compare to the previous month. Most pieces can be dried in the sun, but take care to see which clothes need a cool dry.

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Give time to your clothes to breathe

Cramming clothes together, not only wrinkles, but wears down sensitive fabrics. Recently I minimized clutter by giving into those velvet space saving hangers I see everywhere. You can find these for a reasonable price point at HomeGoods. Also, to avoid unwanted creases fold your clothes properly to maintain its shape.

Don’t wash your clothes all at the same time

If you will notice when buying a washing machine, they are categorized by brand, type of use, class and kilos. The reason why kilos are being presented, it means that, that the limit per load of that washing machine to make sure that all your clothes will be washed properly and stains will be removed nicely.

Iron with Care

When you iron, you’re using heat to loosen fabric fibers and press them flat. Unfortunately, there’s also a good chance you can end up burning or yellowing the fabric if you’re not doing it properly and that usually happens when you are ironing a silk type of cloth or pants. Make sure that you are using the right temperature per type of clothes when ironing it. Here is a guide that you can follow:

  • Cotton: 400° F

  • Viscose/Rayon: 375° F

  • Wool: 300° F

  • Acrylic: 275° F

  • Polyester: 300° F

  • Silk: 300° F

  • Acetate: 290° F

  • Lycra: 275° F

  • Nylon: 275° F

  • Linen: 445° F

Seasonal Clothes

If you ever plan on storing your clothes, know that bugs like dirt, and strong scents like perfume and smoke.  To avoid a breach in your seasonal gear, clean them before you store them. That is giving your clothes to prolong their life and texture.

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Leather Items

Leather is the most expensive type of cloth, so you need to stored it properly because if not, it will hit your pocket hurtfully. So caring for your leather clothes and accessories should be an investment from the start. Pre-treat your items with some type of water resistant formulas.  Water can often bring out the worst in leather. Also, be sure to condition your leather to cleanse and maintain this valuable material.

Dress after putting Make-Up

Most of us girls is doing it in a hastily manner. We put our dress first before putting any make -up on and sometimes it’s a mess. Stains from face powder to blush on is on our dress. By doing your hair and makeup before you get dressed, you can avoid those pitfalls. You can use a robe while putting make-up on.

One more thing, hair dye and hairspray can seriously damage your dress. Hairspray can fade the color of your dress and hair dye can cause stains that can’t be removed anymore and it can ruin your favorite clothes. Don’t forget about deodorant and antiperspirant. When you apply, make sure it’s completely dry before putting on a shirt. The aluminum contained in many antiperspirants can turn clothes yellow and cause brittleness.

Let’s face it, not all clothes will last forever. They have their limits to wear out, fade out, and also ruin the shape if you are using it multiple times. But you can extend their life span if you know how to properly wash them, store them, and handle them. You can additional months or years before they totally wear out.

If you really don’t have time arranging your clothes, you might wanna consider hiring a cleaning lady for you. I recommend Always Green Cleaning Services, they are the #1 cleaning company in Chicago that offers a very affordable service with an excellent job. They can definitely help you in arranging or organizing your clothes and store it properly. They are open from Mondays to Sundays.

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