How to Teach your Children Basic Household Chores?

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Having kids is never easy but being a mom is a fulfilling task as a woman. Being a parent is one of the hardest part as a human. And there is no course in College that you can take to be ready for it because it’s working progress while you are being a parent. You discover a lot of things every day that you are dealing with it.

One of the task as a parent is teaching your kids in doing household chores because not everyone can afford to have a nanny who can do everything for you and for your kids. But the problem is, how are you going to engage them and help you in doing chores? Most of the time what they want is to just play around and make a mess.

Here are some guide that you can use to get your children involve in cleaning the house.

For Toddlers ages 2-3 years old


This the age where you can start involving them in doing some basic chores at home. During this time they will communicate with you by just watching or showing them on how to do it. For you to make sure that they will cooperate, try making it as a game to be it more attractive them to follow their task. This can be also serves as your bonding time with your kids while training them.

At this age, here are some of the basic tasks that you can ask them to do it for you:

  • The feeding routine and table etiquette

  • Preparing their school bag and lunch box

  • Throwing trash into the trash bin

  • Cleaning their toys after playing

  • Changing their clothes and you can incorporate here to teach them basic colors, also proper hygiene and cleanliness

  • Bathing time is more fun

While for family chores:

  • Making beds and arranging pillows and blankets

  • Dusting furniture using a feather duster or cloth

  • Helping you set the table like placing mats or arranging plates and spoon and fork

  • Sorting out laundries

For Preschoolers ages 4 - 5 years old

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This is the age where they can start to communicate by teaching them the step by step process, and they will be able to figure out what they need to do. That is also one way of training them on how to properly communicate.

Some chores that they can do without any supervision:

  • Fix their bed

  • Washing hands after playing, before eating and after eating.

  • Get their own glass of milk

  • Get dressed and choose their own clothes

  • Clean up their toys inside their room

For the house chores:

  • They can assist you in cooking meals, like mixing or opening some the ingredients

  • Arranging grocery items

  • Assisting you in hanging your wet clothes

  • Setting up the table for meals

For School Age 6 - 8 years old

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This is one of the most exciting part because they will start to act as an independent, as if they think that they can manage everything on their own. They will be happy in doing the chores just to please you and make you happy. Be creative in asking them to the chores to get their full attention in doing it.

  • Etiquette of using the toilet

  • Fixing their bed in the morning

  • Teaching them to play music instruments

  • And dancing can be introduced to the as well

Let your child choose their own hobby as long as it will not hurt them. That is one way of teaching them in making decisions in choosing what will make them happy.

For household chores, you can already asked them to:

  • Feeding your pet

  • Getting newspaper outside

  • Watering your plants but still with your light supervision

  • Taking the trash out

  • Etiquette in using telephone, television and computers

  • This is also the best time to teach them and introduced them in money and how to check the bills.

It is fun and fulfilling to see your kids growing up responsible and independent. You will feel secured that whatever happens, they will what to do and how they will do it. But the main issue here is how you will maintain their engagement or how will you motivate them to keep these chores even without you supervising them?

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Kids are different nowadays, you need to have different types of approach and look for the best one that will work for them.

  • You can get their commitment in doing it as habit by telling the benefits of doing it or what’s in it for them?

  • As a parent, you can also start a reward system scheme

  • Always make them feel that you are there to help them, anytime that they need it

  • Make your instruction simple and easy to follow

  • Teach your kids on how to interact with your pets

  • Give them ample praise for sticking to the routine and completing their tasks each day

  • Assign task equally

  • Give them a mix of jobs around the house, some mundane, some exciting

  • Let them choose their own hobbies. Don’t dictate it to them. Let them enjoy being a kid

  • Teach them the value of money and accountability

  • You can also create a task board as their guide

Some people do not agree in teaching their kids in doing a household chore because they believed that kids must enjoy their childhood by playing, interacting with other kids or focusing on their studies. But they don’t know that teaching your child in doing some task is one way of disciplining them and preparing them for their daily lives. No ones how long a parent will live in this world, and if ever you passed away too soon, you are confident that your kid can take care of themselves because you prepare them, you teach them and guide them.

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