Cleaning and Removing Stains on your Walls

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It looks so messy when you have a dirty walls at home. It hurts your eyes when you are seeing it and sometimes can add more stress with you. Sometimes we thought that it is just a simple dust or stain but when you look closer to your walls, you will see a lot of grime, gunk, and stuff that looks so stubborn.

A regular cleaning can only remove dust or cobwebs. But if your walls have grease stains, watermarks, and kids crayons and ink from paint, you need to hire a professional cleaning lady. I am serious! Regular cleaning will not remove those stains easily and it has a proper cleaning products and materials that needs to be used, to make sure that everything will be remove and leave your walls at no marks at all.

Here are some easy tips that you can do at home to remove or clean your dirty walls:

Grease on Kitchen Walls

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If you love cooking you need to watch out your walls from grease build up, no matter how well your exhaust fan works. Make the cleanup as painless as possible by doing it often because once the walls looks so yucky you already need a stronger cleaner and sometimes it might damaged your walls. It is better to prevent your walls to reached it limit of dirtiness. It's always best to try mild cleaners before you reach for heavy-duty ones, and you can make powerful grease-cutting solutions with household substances and avoid the need for strong detergents.

To remove stain at home, you need to buy a grease-cutting cleaning solution at any grocery store. The combination will be the grease cutting solution, then add an ounce of dish washing liquid soap to a gallon of warm water. Make sure to mix it well to achieve the perfection combination. When you start scrubbing the walls, please use a nonabrasive cellulose sponge, and move the sponge in a circular motion. Divide your walls into section, and make sure to dry it first, before you move into the next one.

But if you think that grease cleaning solution will not work and you need a stronger cleaning solution, add a cup of vinegar to your solution to make a stronger cleaning solution. Maybe you are thinking why vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and has the ability to dissolve grease. If it works better, but still not well enough, try adding more vinegar or a cup of ammonia.

Dirt and Grime Buildup

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Having oil stains on your walls can degrade their looks and make them ugly. Oils can contact to your wall in may forms. Oil from your body easily gets transferred on your walls. While cooking oil can splash over your walls making it very messy. To remove oil stains from your walls can be difficult. The stains make your walls look very dirty and old. Oil cannot be removed with soap and water.

Home remedy that you can use is vinegar. Grab your sponge and dip it in white vinegar. Make sure that you remove the excess water to make your sponge damp and not soggy. Scrub the sponge over your stain wall with a little pressure to make sure that there will no visible stains left on the wall. This method will help you clean your walls and remove oil stains easily. 

But if stains are all over your walls already, you might want to consider to do a touch up paint of same colors of your walls. Emulsion paint usually does not remove stains, but there is a way to do it. Wash your fragile walls, with warm soapy water. Paint with an undercoat, which is oil based and then let it dry. Then paint your oil stained walls with original color. This works because an oil undercoat seals the surface and prevents oil from coming through emulsion paints. Make sure to always check on what type of paint that your painter used in your walls.

Crayons and Permanent Marker

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This is the easiest stain to remove because it is not too strong to stay on your wall. Here are the tricks that you can do remove it:

  • Baby wipes to the rescue! Just swipe marks and it will be gone.

  • Pencil Mark or art gum can be remove using its own eraser.

  • Another tip is using a toothpaste, scrub it in circular motion.

  • Sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge and scrub marks.

  • For permanent markers, use an alcohol and cotton to remove it. If there are still stains, you can use hairspray then wipe dips.

Ink from Pen

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Getting ink off the walls can take some persistence and patience. You can use a hairspray with a clean cloth. Spray it directly to the stain and wipe it down. You may need to repeat this treatment several times. Be sure to use a white cloth to avoid having the dye in the cloth end up on the wall along with the ink. Use a clean section of cloth each time you wipe.

You can also try to apply a toothpaste to the area and leave it for about 10-15 minutes and then wipe it off using a white clean cloth.

One more thing that you might wanna to consider in cleaning your walls is by using organic cleaning materials. Those are the cleaning products that doesn’t have any strong chemical but can still remove strong stains in you walls. Remember, strong cleaning solution can damaged the paints of your walls and I know that you don’t like to have polka-dots design in your walls.

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Ma Alyssa Leonardo