Cleaning Big Houses Alone

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Being alone in cleaning big houses is really hard. Especially when reaching high furniture just to remove the dust. You need to ready yourself physically and mentally because you will get really tired in cleaning a big house alone. But don’t worry there are some tips that we can provide you on how to properly clean a big house alone. There are tips and tricks in doing it to avoid consuming your time a lot and from getting tired too much.

One important tip that you need to always remember is “AVOID HAVING TOO MUCH STUFF” at home, that is also one way of eliminating clutter. Having too much stuff at home is more attractive of dust and dirt. Admit it, it is hard to declutter most especially if all the stuff that you have have memories or given by friends or family. But come to think of this, it is better to have a lot of free spaces at home because it looks so spacious, ventilation is so perfect, and there is a lot of spaces where your kids can play. Rather than having a full that is full of staff that has a lot of dust and looks your house so crowded. It is also giving you a comfortable feeling.

To start cleaning a big house, you need to partition it into parts to clean it easily. Also, create a cleaning schedule, so that you will not be boom-bared with a lot of task and will make you feel tired after seeing your list even without starting cleaning yet. It is not required to clean the whole house in one day. You can start doing the rooms and living room today, then, Kitchen and Bathrooms tomorrow. This is to make sure that you will be able to clean it properly and for you not to be exhausted in cleaning as well.

Room! Room! Room!

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Let just say that you have 3 bedrooms at home with 1 playroom. How are you going to start it? Which room needs to be clean first? It’s not important which room you would like to clean first. It depends on you which one you would like to clean first.

In cleaning the bedroom, you can start making the bed by changing your bed sheet, linen and pillow cases. Ideally, you must change it once a week to avoid bad odor or having bed bugs. I know some people think that making the bed is a waste of time, but it really makes a big difference in how tidy the room looks and only takes a couple of minutes.  Plus, I think it starts off the day well and I love climbing into a made bed at the end of the day. If you love your top sheets though, you can look at minimizing the number of pillows on your bed or using a large enough comforter or duvet that you don’t need to tuck in your sheets.

Now, move to your closets and drawers. If you have a large bedroom and a big house, you will have a lot of drawers for storage, and that’s for sure. In your bedroom, drawers and closets are the hardest part to clean because sometimes important things are being kept there, such as documents or jewelries. And for us ladies, make-up! While for closets, you will be spending hours just to fold clothes or fix your clothes from your closets. To avoid doing it, fold your clothes already after drying from laundry and then put it inside your closets.

While for Play Room, this the type of the room that needs to be clean thoroughly. Every corner needs to be check, sweep and mop, to make sure that all the dust is being remove. For toys, it needs to be sanitize and wipe using an alcohol and cloth or baby wipes, if only you have a lot. Also, in cleaning this room it is much better to use organic cleaning products to avoid your kids from inhaling chemicals from those regular cleaning product that you can buy in grocery stores. That is very hazardous and it can cause respiratory disease or asthma to your kids. If you cannot really avoid from using chemical based cleaning products, it is better to locked down your play room and open windows to release the smell of chemicals before letting your kids to play again inside their happy place.

My favorite place, KITCHEN!

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One of the most important part of the house that needs to be clean all the time because this is the area where we prepare our food. And if your food gets contaminated the whole family will get sick, or worst it might kill them. What is the proper way or steps in cleaning your kitchen? There are different ways to do it, but here is my personal steps that you can also use at home.

I start with washing all the dishes and cleaning countertops. It is the brightest first step that you can do because when washing dishes or cleaning countertops, we cannot avoid spatter of water or food residue to fall on your floors. After working with your dishes, sink and countertops, you can now start cleaning your cabinets and drawer. It is better that way, so that you can move freely without any dirty dishes blocking your space. Also, make it as a habit of washing your sink, every after you wash your dishes to avoid the greasy or gunky as they sit in the sink, saving you time when you catch up on the washing-up.

Don’t ever forget to sweep the floor, under and behind your appliances to remove all the dirt. After making sure that you were able to sweep everything, start mopping the floors to remove any stains and let it dry. It is also advisable to use organic cleaning products in cleaning you kitchen to avoid the bad smell of chemical based cleaning product that might hurt you nose and make your family sick. Make it as a habit of cleaning your kitchen every time that you are going to use it, don’t let dirty dishes to pile up. Remember, dirty kitchen attracts rats and cockroaches.

Now, the center of the house, LIVING AREA

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Living area is the most easiest part of the house to be clean. Unless, you have a lot or furniture of papers stacked up. Remove the dust on your tables, television set and other furniture. Vacuum your sofa to remove all the dirt and dust including your pillows and carpets. You can create your own spray solution to remove stains or bad smell from your sofa. Also, throw away old newspaper and magazine, you are not a book store to keep all of those because that can cause of fire as well.

There is also a proper maintenance in cleaning your sofa and couches especially in removing stains.

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your living area because this is the part of the house were you accept your guest. I know that you don’t want them to have an impression that your whole house is dirty.

Another part of the house that you need to clean is the Bathroom. It is a long topic to discuss this because this is the most abused part of the house were germs are always present. Read the How to properly clean your bathroom.

Maintaining your house clean is also a big help because you are not letting your family to get sick and you are not letting yourself to get tired of cleaning. Cleaning all the part of the house in one day is very exhausting and killing. You might end up getting sick because of that. Seeking help is one of the best decision if you think that you cannot handle it alone. You can ask your family to help you or hire a cleaning lady.

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Ma Alyssa Leonardo