Top 5 Best Businesses to Open in Chicago this 2019

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In starting your own business in Chicago, you need to consider a lot of things to make sure that it will be successful. There is always a crucial up-front decision for anyone on how they will start their business. First, you will ask yourself, should I take the risk in starting it? Second, how should I start?

Those are just few questions that you might ask yourself. But the second decision will be the toughest part. This is the part that you need to decide what exactly the business or what kind of company. Once you’ve decided that the entrepreneurial life is for you, how do you choose the right business? What specific industry — or even what niche — appeals to you or would make the best use of your abilities, aptitudes and assets. We show you how to sort it all out.

To give some idea on what are the best business to start this year, here is the Top 5 Best Business to start this year.

Content Selling Business

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Content is the Kings of all business because it applies in every field. If you are into creating script or presentation then use that skill and turn it into business. Not everyone had this kind of skill, and you are lucky because you are one of those people who have a sharp mind.

Content means, you can provide, written articles, video scripts, presentation scripts, business documents, business blog content, info graphics content and so on. In starting this kind of business, you just need a capital to buy a good device like laptop that you can use to produce your work and a trusted internet connection.

Professional Blogging Business

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Most people think that being a blogger is such an easy task because you are just typing and sharing your thoughts. But it’s not! You need to have a lot of ideas and sometimes use your imagination as well to create an amazing blog. You need to do your research about your topics, gather lot of information and that’s the time that you will start creating your own blog, using your own words. That is a blogger and a doctor usually have the same rate of salary. Now you don’t need to be a doctor to make a huge income. Start learning one topic and you can start sharing thoughts in a manner.

In writing a blog, you need to be consisted and concise. Also, create a blog that have a relevant topic and make your blog updated in a regular basis. One more tip, choose a topic that will attract a lot of readers and make sure that you are helping them by reading your blogs. Sharing your knowledge is the biggest work you can do in this world. Professional blogging is a great way to make huge income with low investment.

Digital Downloadable Products

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A digital product is simply a product or tool that can be created once, and sold many times. It is delivered digitally to your customers, and has infinite inventory. It does not have to be a course or an eBook. Some digital products are a lot more suited to creating passive income than others. Some types of digital products can be created in a matter of a few hours, instead of a few weeks. Sometimes creating a $40 "tiny" digital product can be an unexpectedly big boost to your bottom line!

To give you an idea, here are top 5 most profitable digital products that you can sell online.

  • eBooks - in creating eBooks you need to look for a publisher. You are the publisher by just publishing your own works online. And nowadays, self-published authors are now getting the recognition that they deserve.

  • Photography - this is a perfect hobby that can turn into business. A photo is worth a thousand words. Many times photographers have a compelling story to go along with their photo. Like a merchant selling a product, the description of your photo gives you a chance to really sell someone on it.

  • Music - With your own eCommerce store, you get to keep every single cent of your money every time someone downloads your music. You can create your own custom website, build a worldwide fan following, and distribute music to them right from your site.

  • Online Courses or Video - Online video and course marketplaces like Udemy have become extremely popular. Udemy shared that it now has more than 8,000 courses being taught to 800,000 students.

  • Graphic Designer / Website Developer - People are paying a lot of cash for themes, patterns, brushes, wallpapers, logos, pretty much anything web related you can think of. And if you are a talented and creative person, you can earn $14 - $30 per download of the photo or concept that you have created.

T-shirt Designing and Printing Business

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T-shirt designing and printing business has higher potential for next 20 years. If you are well skilled in designing and adobe illustrator software then, you can start t-shirt designing and printing business in 2019. If you don’t have a big capital, you can start the business at home. Although selling t-shirts sounds straightforward, like all businesses, without a plan, you’ll waste time and money. Your business plan outlines your product, the ideal market, your financial projections and sales goals.

Before investing time and money, do market research to determine if your t-shirt will appeal to buyers. First, decide who the ideal buyer for your t-shirt idea would be, and then seek out members of that market to get their feedback on your idea. You don't just want to know if they'd buy your t-shirt, but also, what price they'd pay.

Freelancing Websites

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Nowadays, this is the most in demand business. A lot of people are transitioning from working in corporate office to being a freelancer or well-known as “home based”. But, if you create a freelancing website that support only micro niche topic. Micro Niche means, create a freelancing website only for all accounting freelancers.

So, you can get higher amount of targeted freelancer who are dedicated to only one field work. In the future, you can also promote or launch accounting related products that can higher call to action ratio from your members.

Keep in mind that whatever you are going start with, be ready through the ups and downs. Having a business is like a having a new born baby. There will be sleepless nights because of thinking a new strategy or thinking what else you can do for your business. Also, to help you in deciding into what business you would like to start, think about your passion or what is your hobby that’s making you happy. In that way, it is a guarantee that you will do everything to make your business successful.

Ma Alyssa Leonardo