Best Ways to Clean your Bathroom

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How nice it is to have a clean and fresh bathroom at home? When you enter, it smells so fresh and not dingy, everything is organize, floors, mirrors and sink are shining. It feels so great and amazing right? Most especially if you have visitor, you want to give them an impression that you have a clean and fresh house.

But what is the correct and proper way of cleaning a bathroom? Am I doing it in a correct way? Or not? Do I already need to call a cleaning lady for deep cleaning? When is the best time to clean my bathroom?. These are just some of the question that you might be asking yourself. Now, lets answer those question.

What is the proper way of cleaning a Bathroom?

Actually, there are a lot of ways in cleaning your bathroom. For you to identify if you are doing it in a correct way, you need to assess your bathroom and check what is the main issue and what type of dirt do you have inside. Because every cause and dirt have different approach of cleaning and different cleaning products.

But here is my own steps in cleaning my bathroom:

Tools that I am using when I am cleaning my bathroom:

  • Toilet Brush and a regular brush

  • Microfiber Cloth

  • Old Bath Towel

  • Cleaning Solution - this is organic and I made this

First, I am checking if there is any build up of molds in my flooring. If yes, I will put the cleaning solution first and leave it for 20 minutes. But if not, I will start washing the sink and the counter. I am using a cleaning solution that is mix up of baking soda, vinegar, lemon and warm water. This works same as the cleaning solution that you are buying from the grocery store. You will be amaze once you see the result.

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After washing, pour some of the solution and start scrubbing using your brush. When scrubbing your faucet, put some pressure to make sure that the grease that is being build up, will be removed and will not leave any marks. Next, the counter, wash your brush first before using it in your counter. Scrub slightly to remove any soap residue, water marks, and toothpaste residue. After scrubbing, wash it with water and then dry it using your old bath towel. If there is any residue from the towel, you can use a paper towel to removed it. Once done drying your counters, organize your stuff and throw away empty bottles of shampoo or body wash. It is just consuming some space in your bathroom. Replace your face towel with the new ones, and re-fill your bathroom tissue.

Next, is your toilet bowl. I will apply the cleaning solution that I made and leave it for 5 minutes to soften the build up. While waiting, I will wash the flooring on the shower room. Once the 5 minutes is one, I will start brushing the outer part of the toilet bowl using my assigned toilet brush. If you will notice I am using two different brushes, and that is because of hygiene. I don’t want to use my toilet brush in cleaning my sink and counter because germs from the toilet bowl might transmit to my counter.

Now, after brushing and removing the stain from the outer part of my toilet bowl, I will start scrubbing the inner part of it. Make sure to follow the circular motion of brushing to cover all the areas. Pour more cleaning solutions and scrub it with a little pressure to remove the stains. After brushing, I will flush it with water and then, do a spot check. If there is still stain, I will repeat the process again. Once all the stain is removed, I will pour some liquid soap and squeeze a lemon to give a fresh smell in the whole bathroom.

Now is the time for the shower area, in this part I am also using a different brush to remove if there is any build up of molds. If the build up is too strong, I am adding one more cup of vinegar in my cleaning solution and I will use s steal brush to scrub the flooring that has build up. Yes, you heard me right, VINEGAR! A vinegar can be use as a cleaning solution because of its strong acid content and it can remove molds or stain build up. By the way, don’t just scrub the floors, include your walls as well. Since water marks and spatter of soap residue is always present on your walls. When scrubbing put a little pressure as well to make sure that everything will be remove, since sometime there are stains that is too deep already especially if you haven’t clean your bathroom for a long time.

For the shower head, you can use baking soda with warm water to remove any grease that is blocking the water flow.

Lastly, if you are using carpet in your bathroom make sure to change it as well with a new one. You can also buy some perfume scent that is used for bathroom to maintain the freshness of smell of your bathroom.

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When is the best time to clean your bathroom?

If you will ask me, I am doing it once a week with a daily maintenance of washing the floors, sink and flushing the toilet every after used. I am doing the daily maintenance to keep it clean, so that if I have a surprise visitors, I am ready to accommodate them with no hesitations that my bathroom might be dirty or smells bad. By cleaning your bathroom weekly, it will avoid from getting build up from molds and you are prolonging the life span of your bathroom.

When should I hire a cleaning lady for a deep cleaning?

You should give your bathroom a deep cleaning once a month. This to make sure that every side is clean and there is no molds or visible build up. Because professional cleaners are using different tools in deep cleaning and different cleaning solution. Also, they are using some solution to remove blockage in your toilet bowl and sink, but for simple blocking issue only.

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Ma Alyssa Leonardo