Best Schools in Chicago, IL

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Looking for a best school for your kids is really hard. You need to check the profile of the school to know if they have a good background and if they produce great students and there are a lot of things that you need to consider.

In Chicago, for you to graduate in high school you are required to take four years of language arts, three years of math and one year art, music, foreign language, or vocational education, among other requirements. When they reached 11th grade, they will be assessed via SAT college entrance exam.

There are a lot of great schools in Chicago, Illinois, but here are some of the great schools that you can check and consider.

Payton College Preparatory High School

1034 N Wells St, Chicago, Illinois 60610

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Walter Payton College Preparatory High School's focused in curriculum of math, science, language and the humanities, among other subjects. Students at Payton can supplement their classroom learning by participating in global exchange and study programs in countries such as France, Belize and South Africa. They also offer core courses and exchange opportunities, aside from that they also have seminars about horse back riding and Pilates.

Payton students also engage in international exploration in the world’s only high school to house a Confucius Institute, designed to support the growth of the school’s Mandarin Chinese Language Program. Payton’s Seminar Program provides students with a unique opportunity to de-stress; students frequently participate in seminars ranging from horseback riding, Improv comedy, Pilates, Math Modeling, and Bridge Building, to Exploring Harry Potter, Judo, Morningstar, and Beginning Acoustic Guitar – just to name a few. 

Northside College Preparatory High School

5501 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60625

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This school is in-depth focus in physics constitutional law and computer science. Students can also take advantage in several language program that the school offers. Also, a range of clubs and extra curricular activities. Northside is home to challenging and rigorous programs that yield great results. Our standardized test scores have established Northside as a premier school on a local, state, and national level.  A more profound measure of our success is evident when we reflect upon the intellectual, social and emotional development that cannot be captured on standardized tests. We are nurturing extremely capable, creative, and ethical leaders who are positively changing the world.

Lane Technical High School

2501 W Addison St, Chicago, Illinois 60618

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This school is ranked as the 3rd best school in Illinois. Students can take advantage the opportunity to take Advanced Placement course work and exams. The student body makeup is 44 percent male and 56 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 65 percent.

Lane Tech has the largest Advanced Placement program in the Chicago Public School District and second largest program in the state, with approximately 2,000 students taking approximately 3,500 exams during the 2013-2014 S.Y. In addition, Lane Tech is also the only school in the Chicago Public School District to offer all 34 AP courses that are available through the College Board AP Program. Moreover, Lane Tech's AP teachers are experts in their content area and utilize additional professional development opportunities through College Board to ensure students are provided with all of the resources necessary to succeed in the classroom. 

Phoenix Military Academy High School

145 S Campbell Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60612

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This is the top 4 best school in Chicago, IL, it is also commonly abbreviated as PMA. In this school, all students are required to attain 24 credits to graduate. Also the usual core subjects such as English and the sciences, aside from that all the students are required to take foreign language for two years, two years of the arts and are mandated to take classes to prepare for ROTC.

In June 2015, it was announced that PMA was awarded a $6 million DOD grant for a new STEM and Leadership Academy Pilot Program. This school also focus in in developing young people to be a better citizen and leaders with an extraordinary characteristics with clear success in post-secondary education at major universities, colleges, and top service academies. And they are doing that by using their Five Key Areas: Leadership, Character, Citizenship, Service, and Academics.

Jones College Prep High School

700 S State St, Chicago, Illinois 60605

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This school is ranked 5 as the best school in Illinois. They also offers 20 advanced placement courses in addition to a rigorous curriculum focused on the school's mission statement for the 'Grad at Grad.' Also students from Jones are competing in the Chicago Public League or also known as CPL and they are also a member of Illinois High School Association.

Jones College Prep was also awarded a Gold Medal from U.S. News & World Report in their issue of the Top 100 in the nation based on college readiness, and in 2006 received the Blue Ribbon award from the Department of Education. They are also tagged as one of “America’s Best High Schools” and ranked Top 10 among Illinois public high schools on the PSAE state assessment.

Young Magnet High School 

211 S Laflin St, Chicago, Illinois 60607

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Young Magnet High School is on 6th rank as one of the best school in Chicago. Also, they are awarded as the most diverse school in the U.S. This school wants to create a positive, diverse, friendly and challenging learning community where students grow toward fulfilling their potential in academic, artistic, physical, and socio-emotional dimensions. They also value the characteristics and uniqueness of each student.

The Academic Decathlon team has been the Illinois State Champions for 27 out the last 28 years and finished second place in the nation in 2012. At the 1995 Illinois State Championship, Whitney Young was outscored by the team from Steinmetz High School, though it was later revealed that Steinmetz had obtained a copy of the test in advance. The Steinmetz team was stripped of the title and it was awarded to Whitney Young. This was dramatized in the HBO film Cheaters.

Studying in Chicago will be one of the best decision that you will ever made. A lot of top rank schools are here, the quality of education is their number 1 priority. Plus, they offer a lot of activities that will help the students to build their self-confidence and to socialized with other students.

Ma Alyssa Leonardo