Proper Maintenance of Sofa and Couches

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Having a well-maitain sofa and couches added cleanliness in your house and a good ambiance. All of us doesn’t have any idea on how to properly clean it or what is the correct way in maintaining it. Admit it or not all of us are avoiding to clean it because we thought that it is hard to clean it.

When you invest in an upholstered lounge suite or sofa, you want it to last  and stay looking good for as long as possible. Children, pets and living in general, can take their toll on any upholstered piece, and with time, it can also begin to look faded and saggy if not looked after properly.

The Right Fabric

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Choosing the right fabric will make your life easier in cleaning your sofa. Give yourself an advantage when you buy right. Not only that but choosing fabric that is appropriate for your lifestyle and the upholstered piece can extend the furniture's life. For example, synthetic fibers are a better choice for upholstered furniture that sits in areas of heavy usage. If you have pets, choose fabrics that do not have loose weaves or too much texture.

Avoid Sunlight and Pollutants

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Too much exposure in sunlight or pollution might damage the fabric of your upholstery. Try to position it so that it doesn’t sit in the sun for extended periods of time. This is especially true for silks or other delicate fabrics. But this will not be your big problem, since in Chicago winter is much longer than summer.

Airborne pollutants such as fumes from cooking or smoke can also harm your fabric. It isn’t always easy to avoid that from happening, however, proper ventilation can help. It can also help with odor control, as upholstered furniture can easily absorb odors.


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You can extend your upholstered furniture’s life by periodically turning over the loose cushions. What can be simpler? This easy maintenance method allows for an even distribution of wear and tear, and your cushions won’t develop indentations right away. Caring for cushions by fluffing them after you’ve cleaned also helps keep them in shape.

Change the cushions around from one part to the other in addition to turning them over. Some seats get more usage than others, so changing cushions around will ensure even usage.

Spot the areas that you need to clean

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While regular care does a lot for your upholstered furniture's maintenance, accidents will happen. Blot any spills immediately with a clean folded towel: never rub, but blot gently. Sometimes this is enough to get rid of the stain completely, especially if the fabric has been pre-treated with a fabric protector.

Always test in an inconspicuous area before you use any product for spot cleaning, and check the manufacturer's instructions to see if you need a water based or solvent based cleaner. It is best to use a mild cleaning product. Apply with a soft brush in a circular motion to work into the fibers, then vacuum when dry.

Don’t Neglect Leather Furniture

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The worst thing an owner of leather furniture can do is nothing at all. The lifespan of a piece of furniture can be shortened dramatically by not taking the time to maintain it correctly. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many people expect that leather couches and chairs will be fine without any special attention. Those who choose to ignore and neglect their leather furniture will soon be wondering why it looks so dirty and damaged. Homeowners should also be diligent about quickly cleaning up any spills on their leather couches, chairs, and ottomans.

Don’t Let Stain - Set

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Though leather furniture is harder to stain than fabric upholstery, spills should still be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent discoloration. First, any excess spillage should be carefully removed before it does further damage. A dry, soft cloth can be used to blot the area. Often, spills can be removed before they stain the leather, without the need for additional cleaning products. A wet cloth can be used on some spills if dry blotting is not enough, but applying water to a grease stain could make matters worse. Greasy or oily stains may need professional attention, so owners are cautioned against spilling food on leather furniture. A mild water - based cleaner can be used on especially hard-to-remove stains that are not oil-based, but no products should be applied without first conducting a spot test.

For Sofa with Metal

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Most sofas are made with a combination of a soft material with metal accents. Metal arms or legs are usually of aluminum or stainless steel. Simply wipe these areas down with a damp cloth and immediately follow through with a dry one. Water can rust metal pieces, so drying is important. Plastic furniture can simply be cleaned with a solution of water and mild soap. Just make sure they are rinsed and dried thoroughly to avoid leaving any sticky films.

Leather Ideas

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Leather is one of the more durable, low-maintenance surfaces for home furnishings. Keeping your leather sofa, chair or ottoman clean is relatively simple if you follow the proper steps. But different types of leather upholstery have different cleaning requirements, so you first need to know what type of leather you have. Here’s how to identity, clean and maintain your leather upholstery to keep it looking great.


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Vacuum your upholstered furniture weekly for general cleaning and to remove surface soil. This also prevents dirt from becoming embedded into the fibers.

You can also use a brush to gently whisk the dirt away. Make sure to always use a soft bristled brush so that you don't snag the fabric.

Call the Professional

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If you already did your best but still stain is there, maybe it’s time that you call a professional cleaner to help you. One of the best cleaning agency in Chicago that can help you is Always Green Cleaning Services Chicago. They are the most hired cleaning company in town. They have professional and well equipped cleaners that can help you in cleaning your sofa or your whole house.

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