House Cleaning After Holidays

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Holiday is the most wonderful time of the year because you get to bond with your friends and loved ones. Gatherings are everywhere, delicious food is always present and giving gifts to each and everyone. But after the the very happy moments, we tend to forget the cleaning time after the side-by-side parties.

It can be a relief to finally be done with the holidays. If you were particularly busy, it can feel like you finished running a marathon. Suddenly, you have more time to yourself. But now that all the presents have been unwrapped, all the guests have gone back home and the holiday food has been eaten, we’re faced with after-holiday cleaning.

It is not easy to do it all at the same time. It is better if you make a plan and divide the task into days for you not to be so tired in cleaning all the after holiday mess. Here are some of the things that you can start cleaning at home. But remember you can always ask help to your cleaning lady.


There are always at least a few carpet stains that magically appear after the holidays! You obviously want to treat any stains as soon as possible, but sometimes you don’t always notice them right away.  Next time you’re vacuuming your carpets, take a little extra look for anything that you might have missed. My favorite DIY carpet cleaner is a mix of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and water.  It works really well on a variety of stains and is my go-to method whenever I don’t know what the stain actually is. When you’re done, try out this easy DIY carpet and upholstery refresher to give your home that nice, fresh scent!

While hosting a party at home we cannot avoid that some drinks or food might spill on your carpet and simple vacuum will not remove the stain of smell of it.


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This is the one of the most abused appliance during holiday. This is still one that I have to tackle but there are more than a few spills that need cleaning up. If you have a steam cleaner, give it a try to clean your oven.  It’s super quick and pretty much eliminates all of the scrubbing.  If you don’t have a steam cleaner you can always use this method – just don’t go too overboard on the baking soda or you’ll be spending a lot of time rinsing!  I’m not too much of a perfectionist when it comes to the oven – just a quick clean to get rid of any burned on spills or messes.


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This is one of my favorite place to clean, my Bathroom. Having a clean bathroom, will definitely give you a fresh feeling inside your house. After holidays, it is advisable to have your bathroom deep clean to make sure that everything is clean and sanitize. Give those toilets an extra thorough cleaning and be sure to clean ALL areas in and around the toilet.  Spend some extra time on those areas like shower curtains and floors that you didn’t get a chance to clean over the busy Christmas season. 


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If Oven is the top one of the most abused appliance, dishwasher is the second. Dishwasher have been working very hard during holidays to clean all the dirty dishes that you have. Sometimes we tend to forget that we need to clean it because we thought that it is cleaning by itself. But that is a big no! There are proper ways in cleaning your dishwasher to make sure that all the dirts and bad smell will be remove.


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A clean vacuum makes a huge difference in how well it performs and saves you a lot of time in the long run! You need to spend some time in cleaning your vacuum to make sure that it is still properly working. We can consider vacuum as the most hard working appliance because even its not holiday we are still using it in a daily basis.


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Like the carpets, upholstery can take a beating during the holidays from all of the use and abuse.  The earlier you can treat the stains the better, so don’t leave this one for too long! There correct ways in cleaning your couch or chairs. It is very simple and you can do the process at home.

Using the upholstery attachment, vacuum left to right in short, overlapping strokes, starting at the top of the piece and working toward the bottom. This left-to-right technique is especially important for nappy materials that hold on to dirt, like chenille, suede, velvet, and corduroy. Then sprinkle with just enough Capture Carpet and Rug Dry Cleaner to cover the stain; gently rub the powder into the fabric with a dry cloth, then vacuum. 


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This is the most hard part of cleaning, your fridge. After holiday, that is the only time that you will notice that you were able to pack a lot of food and your fridge was not properly organize. Now that January is here, it’s time to go through everything and make sure that nothing is tucked away in the back that you’re missing.

It is advisable that you spend a lot of time in cleaning your fridge because you need to check each container if the food is still in good condition or need to be dispose. You need to ready yourself and you will be amaze how much food has been wasted because the food was not properly stored and it is expired already and you need to throw it away.

If you really don’t have enough time in cleaning your house after holiday, there are a lot of cleaning agency that can help you out. Always Green Cleaning Services Chicago, is one of the best cleaning company that can really help you in cleaning your house after holiday. This cleaning company is only using organic cleaning products to clean your house and that is 100% safe rather than using chemical based products.

Ma Alyssa Leonardo